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Love Squishing Bugs With Your Face? Start Wearing Eye Protection

Every motorcycle rider should use not only a helmet but an eye protection gear as well. Some of the most common eye protection gears used while riding a motorcycle are goggles, sunglasses and face shields.

There are many more. But why should you use eye protection gear when you are already using a helmet?

Here are four of the top reasons why:

Protects You From Sand and Dust

Dust and sand particles are irksome, especially when they get into your eyes. They usually cause itchiness, reddening of the eye, tearing up, uncontrollable blinking and even pain. When these things happen, your driving skills are affected. You may lose control of the motorcycle or get momentarily distracted. Wearing eye protection gear will prevent dust and sand particles from getting into your eyes.

Protects You from Insects

Like sand and dust particles, small insects are also problems of motorists. There are minute insects flying around and there are instances when it gets into your eyes or hover around your face. Insects are not only distracting but also annoying. Prevent yourself from being distracted by insects and use an eye protection gear.

Protects You from Heat and Sunlight Glare

Excess heat and bright sunlight may cause discomfort, squinting and blinking of the eyes. There are also cases when too much brightness will blind you momentarily and distract you from focusing on what’s on the road.

Protects you from Rain

Rain may be refreshing and a friend to tearful eyes, but not to bikers. Rain disrupts the vision, taking your mind off the road and your focus shifts on wiping the rain off your face. This may cause you to lose control and balance while driving a motorcycle.

As you can see, wearing eye protection gear is as important as wearing a helmet. When choosing eye protection gear, make sure that it does not blur your vision. There are also helmets with built in face shields and eye protection gear. Make sure that the lenses are clear and designed with anti-fog coating. This will enable you to still use the gear even on cold days.