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4 Cool Motorcycle Helmets That’ll Make Your Friends Jealous

cool motorcycle helmetsNo matter how you got your start riding, one thing is certain–at some point in time, you thought motorcycles looked cool. From their killer engine sounds rumbling miles away to the shiny chrome and hardware–nothing says attitude like having the right bike.

Of course, having cool motorcycle helmets to go with the look is essential, especially if you’re in a state that requires them.

To help you find some awesome motorcycle helmets that meet your bad-ass expectations, here are four of the coolest on the market.

Nexx XR1R Full Face Helmet

Nexx XR1R Café Racer Full Face HelmetThe innovative design and amazing features on the Nexx XR1R make this one of the coolest motorcycle helmets around. Manufactured by Nexx, this full-face helmet is backed by the Ergo Padding System with extra-large Pinlocks, steadying the outer shell which is made of a tri-composite, ultra-light carbon, Kevlar and fiberglass mix. The super-sleek design is something straight out of a video game or off a race track–only at prices that the average street rider/racer can afford.

This means that not only look, but safety and functionality are at the forefront of the design here. The polycarbonate visor gives you enhanced visibility (225º horizontal view and 72º vertical view) with its unique placement and the air dynamic system makes sure that you don’t feel the heat as you blow through the breeze. With enhanced ventilation systems, removable Breath Guard and an anti-sweat, anti-allergenic inner lining, you’ll breath easy as you hit the roads, even in the hottest environments.

The Nexx also has front, back and lateral reflectors, making night riding that much safer. Plus, the anti-noise cheek pads cut down on the sounds you don’t need to hear so you can focus in on the ones you do. The Ego Padding System consists of a foam replacement kit that lets you personalize your helmet to fit your exact head shape.

No more “one size fits all” helmets. This is a fully customizable fit complete with high-tech cheek and inner lining pads that keep you cool, comfy and dry.

All NEXX helmets meet and surpass ECE22.05 and DOT Standards.

DesignInteriorVisorTech Specs

The Nexx XR1R has a pretty standard look given that it was designed mainly for sports riding. Its full face design offers protection from the neck up. Overall, it offers 72 degrees of visibility up and down when staring straight out the visor.

You get a whole 210 degrees though, when looking side to side. This is the best peripheral vision offered in the entire industry. Not only will you feel freer wearing this helmet, you’ll be safer too as you’ll be able to take in more of the road at any given time.

If you want, you can remove the Breath Guard, making it incredibly easy to clean.

Inside the Nexx is where this model really pulls ahead of the pack. Its Ergo Padding System is reliable and will certainly get the job done, but it’s comfortable enough that you won’t mind wearing it.

This system also makes it extremely easy to adjust the actual fit of the helmet to match any size or shape head. If you want to add in or remove foam for a custom fit, go right ahead!

Its nice large pinlocks are a welcomed addition as well. The cheek pads on this model do a great job of cancelling out any noise from the outside world too, so you can ride without worrying about distractions putting you at risk.

You’ll stay cool no matter what the climate or conditions thanks to the model’s Air Dynamic System which promises the best possible ventilation available. Anti-sweat technology will forgive you for riding in the heat or for long hours at a time. This material is also anti-allergenic, so you get the most comfortable fit possible no matter what.

The visor on this helmet leaves nothing to be desired. Aside from the aforementioned perspective it provides, it also comes with G.E.’s PC Lexan Shield so you don’t have to worry about freak rubble from the road scratching your helmet and rendering it useless.

You couldn’t ask for a clearer field of vision either. That’s because Nexx made this visor with a special type of polycarbonate that goes through a specially designed injection molding process.

So not only is your field of vision going to be crystal clear, it will come to you free of distortions too. When moisture does become a factor thanks to rain or runoff from other vehicles, this visor is prepared to drain it off immediately so it doesn’t affect your riding.

The locking system is another function of the visor that is issue-free. Once it’s down, it stays there. However, you can just as easily open the helmet and know it will stay that way if you wish.

Lastly, the visor can be changed out with ease. No tools are necessary, meaning if you need to replace it for whatever reason, you only have a few seconds of work ahead of you.

This helmet’s shell is made with a tri-composite material that combines Kevlar, carbon and fiberglass, meaning protection is definitely delivered. The material makes for an extremely lightweight helmet, clocking in at less than 1,350 grams.

It features reflectors at the front, back and lateral sides so you can feel safer when wearing this helmet to ride at night.

For most riders, the major drawback of this helmet will be the price. You won’t find it for any less than $450. However, if you like sports riding, you’re already investing a considerable amount and nothing could be more important than your safety.

So if you like sports riding and need a helmet that can keep up, try the Nexx XR1R Cafe Racer Full Face Helmet. It offers enough benefits to make the price tag worth it, not the least of which that it will definitely keep you safe.

LS2 Helmets FF387 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Full face motorcycle helmetIf price is a concern, the super-affordable LS2 helmets give you a full-face option in cool. Consistently listed as one of the top bargains for the quality in today’s motorcycle helmet lineup, the FF387 is an extremely aerodynamic option for your inner speedster. Made of a tri-composite fiberglass shell, drag is greatly reduced giving you less neck strain and increased comfort even at higher speeds.

For even greater comfort, the LS2 FF387 has a fully adjustable ventilation system which allows air to flow through the helmet. This keeps you cool when the temperatures are up and warm when the air gets cooler around you. Finishing off this seal is the optically correct shield which has an instant release for easy swapping on the go. With wider than typical eye ports, your vision will never be impaired while wearing LS2 motorcycle helmets.

The inner layers offer laser cut foam for precision fit and comfort, far superior to similarly priced helmets. With moisture-wicking technology and an anti-odor, anti-bacterial lining, the completely removable and washable inner workings of this helmet make it a perfect fit for any rider. Never be soaked in face sweat again.

This helmet is also super lightweight, DOT/ECE approved and ultra-affordable, making it one of those helmets that is just as much about looks as it is economics. Available in many different colors, the LS2 Helmets FF387 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is one that you simply cannot pass up on, no matter what your budget is.

Scorpion EXO-500 Bio Metal Silver Full Face Helmet

scorpion exo 500 helmetIf sick designs are more your thing, be sure to check out the Scorpion EXO-500 Bio Metal helmet, aptly named for its killer mechanical scorpion design which fuses nature with technology just like you on your bike. Made of a premium polycarbonate shell that was exclusively developed by Scorpion, this is a one of a kind helmet that protects as good as it looks. This polycarbonate was made to cut down on weight while also dispersing the brunt force of an impact, keeping you comfortable and safe while looking good.

The face shield is optically clear and uses a state of the art technology to be truly fog free and anti-scratch. With 100% UV protection, this shield thinks about protecting your eyes from so much more than the debris and bugs you run into on the road. You can change the shield with the SpeedShift Shield Quick Change to switch out visors in seconds. In fact, there is also a SpeedView Sun Visor that is fully retractable and interchangeable, giving you the option to flip it up or down with the push of a switch.

There is just as much attention to detail going on inside of the helmet with the AirFit Liner Inflation system which features inflatable cheek pads for the ultimate in customizable fit. But when the fit is so good and so close, you need something extra to make sure that you stay cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. That’s why Scorpion added the KwikWick II Liner fabric which is anti-microbial, removable and washable.

Nitek P1 Full-Faced Motorcycle Street Helmet

Nitek P1 Full-Faced Motorcycle Street HelmetRounding out the bottom of our list of coolest motorcycle helmets is the sleek, stylish and innovative Nitek P1. This full faced street helmet is DOT and ECE approved and was custom designed with the comfort and safety of the rider in mind. The outer shell is unique in that it is round (as opposed to oval) and is cross laminated with a stranded fiber mesh composite. This makes it one of the most lightweight and durable helmets on the market today.

Of course, aerodynamics were also taken into account with the vents and spoilers specially designed in air flow chambers to give you the maximum speed while still offering the ultimate in protection. The unique Cool Max interior lining was designed to conform to your head shape, giving you an instant, automatic customized fit every time you put it on. This fit ensure the least amount of shift and hot spots while riding. The liner is also washable and removable for quick and simple maintenance.

The helmet comes with an optically correct clear, flat shield that gives you the ultimate seal while riding. There’s also a scribe line on the mounting plate which gives you simple alignment choices no matter what shield you wear–even tinted. The P square push pull shield mechanism with micro detent, and shield lock ensures that once in place, your shield is going to protect you until you decide to remove the helmet. All in all, this is a super cool motorcycle helmet due to its unique features and look.

Here’s a cool video from Nitek themselves:

Where to Find Some Really Cool Motorcycle Helmets

These are my personal favorites when it comes to awesome helmets. If these four aren’t quite your style, click here right now to browse through the largest selection of motorcycle helmets online and find the one that expresses your need to ride, today. You can also read more helmet reviews and find some more information if you’d like as well.