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How Custom Motorcycle Helmets Ooze Personality and Style

custom motorcycle helmet design ideas

Let your creative juices flow with custom made helmets.

Riding a motorcycle is all about individuality and expression–feeling the breeze whip past you as you speed along or just cruise down the coast on a Sunday afternoon. Whatever mood strikes you, you know that getting out there on the open pavement is the best way to express yourself.

With custom motorcycle helmets, you can take that one step further, showing people just what is going on inside of your heart and mind as you whiz by them at 120 MPH.

There are many different approaches to a custom street bike helmet. From airbrushed motorcycle helmets to custom painted motorcycle helmets to even simple decals that you can apply yourself.

Whatever your inner calling is shouting out to the world, say it loud and proud with a helmet that you can tailor around your personality.

Custom Helmet Painting

There are two main forms of custom helmet painting when it comes to getting that specific look your want on your helmet: airbrushing and painting.

Both have their upsides and downsides and either can get your point across. The key is to find a talented artist that can give you the exact details that you desire, bringing your vision to life for all on the road to see.

  1. Custom Airbrushed Motorcycle Helmets. An airbrush is simply an engine that sprays air through a paint tube which then sprays the paint onto the surface to be decorated. With custom airbrushed motorcycle helmets, this gives you a smoother appearance since the paint applies smoothly and evenly. The job is often quicker and finishes with a glossy appearance that makes it look more like it came out of a factory. Most custom airbrush jobs will be done inside of a factory, but if you find a talented airbrush artist, they can hit up the sides and top of your helmet for you, making it fully personalized.
  2. Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmets. On the other hands, some custom helmets are painted the traditional way, using brushes and paint that is specially made to stay on the helmet and be weatherproof. While this does take a lot longer than airbrushing, the upside is that you can get far more intricate with the detail, especially line and dot work. Since airbrushes spray the paint through a tube using air pressure, the goal is covering more surface evenly. But since paintbrushes are controlled by hand, a talented artist can apply pressure in varying degrees, giving you the ultimate in customization. Unfortunately, if you don’t get a good artist, the result can also be uneven, disproportionate and gloopy.
If you’re looking to have a crack at trying to customize your helmet, here are a few videos on how the process works:

This one shows how a customized painting job is done:

Why Get Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmets

custom street bike helmetsWhen you first start to look for a custom motorcycle helmet, ask yourself if you want a fully personalized helmet or a “generic” custom.

While the latter might sound like an oxymoron, you can still customize a motorcycle helmet by choosing through set patterns and having your name or your children’s names placed into the design. You can also choose the colors, placement, and much more, giving you control of the overall look and feel of the helmet.

But if you want a fully personalized custom motorcycle helmet, you will either have to find an artist or go through a service that can provide you someone that will work with you on the design. Whether you have your own design already drawn up or if you just have the idea and need it sketched out, a custom motorcycle helmet professional will work with you to get you the designs you want so you can ride in style.

Some common motorcycle helmet painting designs include:

  • Skulls, scorpions and dragons
  • MC club logos
  • Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force battalions
  • Kids’ names
  • American flags or flags of the corresponding country
  • Racing stripes and fire
  • Bike model and company logos
  • Tribal designs
  • Religious or political affiliations
  • State or location pride
  • Favorite sayings (e.g. born to ride, etc.)

You can put anything that you want on your motorcycle helmet so make sure that it represents who you are and what you’re about.

Using Custom Helmet Decals

custom helmet decals for your helmet

You can even get a cat “yakking” on your helmet if that’s your kind of thing.

Another option that many bikers are turning towards is the decal. A decal is a fancy name for a sticker, but it is typically better made so it won’t peel off or become discolored out in the sun. Most decals are fairly inexpensive and can be found at just about any motorcycle or car shop and are used a lot on vintage helmets to add some extra pizazz. If you can’t find the decals you want around you, check online as there are literally millions of decals available.

To apply a decal, all you have to do is peel off the backing paper and stick it on your helmet, making sure that there are no air bubbles. If you don’t trust that you have a steady hand, you can bring your decals into your local bike shop and have the pros put it on for you.

Try to pick placement for you decals where they won’t get touched a lot. For instance, don’t put one where your visor scrapes against the top of your helmet as you flip it up.

You can find just about any type of decal that you want and if not, you can have it custom made. Some popular motorcycle helmet decals include:

  • Flames and tribal designs
  • Racing stripes
  • Band names
  • Military units
  • Demons and angels
  • Road rash stickers
  • Bandaids
  • Motorcycle brands and companies
  • MC club logos
  • Letters and words to spell things out

Where to Find Custom Motorcycle Helmets for Sale

As you can see, there are many different roads to go down when it comes to getting your own specific type of headgear for your ride. Of course, if you just want to purchase a customized bike helmet without going through all of the hassle of doing it yourself, you can do that as well. To look around and find some more personalized motorcycle helmets for sale including custom full face motorcycle helmets, click here right now.

photo credits: dbking, mario_d, ericlawrence via cc