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Meet the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (or MSF) is an internationally recognized non-profit organization that develops training systems for novice and experienced motorcycle riders. The organization was founded back in 1973 and supported by motorcycle brands and manufacturers like the BMW, Ducati, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris, Honda and Yamaha.

The organization aims to improve the quality of rider training through a research-based curriculum known as the Rider Education and Training System or RETS. RETS consists of training activities suited for beginners, enthusiasts and professional riders. It is handled by professional trainers and coaches certified by the MSF and Motorcycle Safety Administration after completing a series of trainings and passing the exams.

motorcycle safety foundationThe Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers RETS courses throughout America, with branches established in California, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia and New Mexico. It also offers its courses in other states through universities, agencies and training centers that were certified by the MSF.

Since MSF is recognized by transportation departments and agencies in the U.S., riders who were able to complete the training courses of MSF, especially the Basic Rider Course, are eligible to receive a registered driver’s license even without taking a written or driving exam. Insurance companies also offer discounts to riders who took and passed MSF courses. Even military personnel are required to train and complete an MSF course.

Aside from developing a training curriculum, implementing and handling training courses, the MSF is also involved in promoting safety and public awareness campaigns. The organization also takes part in researching for motorcycle safety and provides assistance to training and licensing agencies.

The organization also produces safety kits and handbooks for people who want to improve their driving skills and participate in raising driver awareness to other people in their community. The kits include video presentations intended for motorcycle riders and include lessons on how to avoid driving problems, rules that a motorist should know and follow as well as the characteristics a good motorcyclist has. These kits can be used in conducting seminars and facilitating workshops and trainings. The kits available at the MSF online store are Cars, Motorcycles & a Common Road, Group Riding Student Handbook & Video, Riding Straight Module and Seasoned Rider Module

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