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8 Things to Check Before Riding into the Sunset

Riding a motorcycle can be fun and adventurous. But you won’t find it cool once you get into an accident. The road is a very unpredictable place and you never know when an accident will happen until it hits you.

For safety measures, here’s a safety checklist of things to remember before getting on your bike:

  • Make Sure Your Brakes Are Up to Par

    The brakes come in handy when stopping or avoiding a collision (duh). Make sure that your brakes are not just working, but also in good condition. You don’t want it breaking down while in the middle of a trip.

  • Tire Pressure and Wheels

    The tires and wheels are one of the essential parts of a motorcycle that keeps it going. Check if it is inflated correctly according to the pressure specification of the manufacturer. Check the treads and remove any objects lodged into the tires. Make sure that it has no cuts or holes. The tires are continuously in contact with the ground and with friction, so it’s always best to maintain it properly and check it regularly.

  • Lights In Working Order

    The tail-lights, headlights and brake lights are very important. It’s what keeps you visible on the road, especially at night. It also signals the drivers behind you what direction you’ll be taking.

  • Check the Chassis

    The chassis or the body framework of the motorcycle must be kept in good condition and maintained properly. Check for any dents, cracks or damages. Make sure that the bolts, coil springs, chain and sprockets are properly attached. Check for any leakage. Also check if the batteries and the engine are running properly.

  • Fluids Filled Up

    Check the oil and fuel of your motorcycle. Make sure you have enough until the next gas station.

  • Strong Stands

    Make sure that the stands are working properly. See if the stands are not bent, dented or broken.

  • Quick Overview of Your Controls

    The controls are very important in maneuvering the motorcycle. Make sure that the horn, handlebars, clutch lever, brake and light controls are working properly.

  • Valid Plates

    Finally, make sure that the registration plate of your motorcycle is properly attached. This serves as your identification when on the road.

Here’s a quick video to help make sure I’m not missing anything: