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Speed and Strength Solid Speed Men’s SS2200 Review

The Breakdown
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Fit & Finish
  • Value for Money


The Speed and Strength has a Thermo-poly engineered shell and a direct course Airstrike ventilation system which I love. Add to that a quick release chin strap with the UV resistant faceshield, and it looks like we have a winner on our hands.

It doesn’t take a genius to know how important a reliable helmet is to riding a motorcycle.

Even the best, most experienced riders can’t control what the weather or other drivers are going to do. One erratic lane change from a teenager who just got their license or someone out to lunch on their cell phone and that choice not to wear a helmet could very well turn fatal for you in the blink of an eye.

That being said, some motorcycle helmets don’t make it easy on themselves. They’re clunky, uncomfortable and look ridiculous.

Fortunately, there’s the Speed and Strength Solid Speed Men’s SS2200 Street Bike Motorcycle Helmet.

The Design

Speed and Strength SS2200

The SS2200

The design on this helmet is easy to appreciate. It’s certainly streamlined, meaning you’ll run into less drag and won’t have any issue keeping your face looking forward.

However, that doesn’t mean Speed and Strength dropped the ball on style either.

This helmet looks great, plain and simple.

You also get four colors to choose from:

  • Black
  • Matte Black
  • Silver
  • Wineberry (Dark Red/Maroon)

This helmet’s chin bar is completely removable. However, whether you leave it on or not, it will still meet or exceed Department of Transportation standards. The feature makes it a perfect helmet for both touring and sport riders and especially ideal for those that cross back and forth between the two.


No one’s going to wear a helmet if it’s not comfortable.

Riding with discomfort is not only irritating, it can also turn dangerous if it becomes distracting.

Fortunately, this helmet shouldn’t present any issues there. It comes in six sizes ranging from extra-small to 2x-large.

Inside is a cool-core liner that will help keep the temperature down, even on the hottest of days. Plus, you can remove it and wash it so even if you do end up sweating buckets, it will be good as new once you take it out of the dryer.

This model also comes with an Airstrike ventilation system. What this will do is help you stay cool and comfortable and keep things fresh inside.

The design should also keep humidity down, so you won’t have any issues seeing through the visor.


You can choose to have your visor be completely transpired or add a tint to it.

However, tinted shields will have to be bought separately.

The Drop Visor Design is perfect for riding during the day, as it will go a long way toward keeping the sun at bay. Thanks to a single action design, the visor is also easy to open or shut at will.

The visor was also created with an “All Clear” sight system. This anti-scratch technology means your helmet can take its fair share of debris without losing its line of sight and forcing you to replace it.

There is a gasket surrounding the opening, so when the visor shuts, it keeps the outside world where it belongs. This is great for those times you get caught in the rain or if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

Technical Specs

Given the protection and features it provides, the helmet is fairly light at just 4.6 pounds.

Depending on the size, it runs an average of 14.3 by 12 by 11.4 inches. The shell of the helmet is made from a tricomposite fiberglass.

The only drawback for this model is probably the locking system found on the outer shield. It works as advertised, but changing it takes longer than we’d like.

User Reviews and Bottom Line

speed and strength reviewsEven though this helmet hasn’t been reviewed by tons and tons of people (at least on Amazon), the rating that they gave it was a perfect score.

Needless to say, they loved it, and based off some other reviews I have read, it’s been the norm.

All in all, though, this helmet really delivers with their Solid Speed model.

It offers a number of different features, giving you plenty of versatility. However, no matter which way you customize it, you’ll always be riding safe, which is the most important thing by far.