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Go Back in Time With Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

vintageVintage motorcycle helmets aren’t just a look–they’re a nod to the bikers that came before us in a simpler time when cruising meant just picking up, hitting the desert highway and not looking back. Even with today’s stressful multitasking world we can still recapture a part of our legacy as bikers. When you strap on a vintage motorcycle helmet, not only are you transported back to the time when your dad, your mom, your grandfather rode, but everyone who sees you riding around is as well.

Here are four vintage style motorcycle helmets that every bike enthusiasts needs to have in their collection.

The Biltwell Bonanza LE Racer Helmet

This limited edition vintage helmet will bring you right back to the days of Speed Racer with its classic 70s retro racer style. This open face motorcycle helmet from the 1970s weighs 3.2 pounds and has quilted padding inside and an eggshell white glossy finish outside. This vintage style helmet isn’t just built for looks. The expanded polystyrene inner shell is safely nestled within an injection-molded ABS outer shell with a hand-painted finish, giving you cushioning inside and rugged protection on the outside.

biltwell bonanza helmetThe inside of the helmet contains a hand-sewn removable brushed Lycra liner with contrasting diamond-stitched quilted open-cell foam padding for maximum comfort and safety should a collision occur. The ¾ helmet is DOT approved and has rubber and chrome accent edging to make sure the pavement stays on the outside should the need arise. The super-comfortable neck strap has a durable plated steel D-ring with adjustment straps and an end retainer.

All in all this is a super-comfortable helmet that is not only rigged for style, but safety as well. While our safety standards might have changed for modern day racer helmets, you won’t be any less safe when you cruise around in the Biltwell Bonanza LE Racer Helmet. You can complete the retro look with an old-fashioned pair of moto goggles or go for the open faced daredevil look that Evil Knievel preferred during his earlier days. Ride in style while still riding safely.

The D.O.T. Daytona Cruiser 3/4 Motorcycle Helmet

dot cruiser helmetDaytona has become a mecca for cruising on bikes but Florida is also known for something else – sending astronauts into space. And while both bikers and astronauts wear helmets, the last thing a true biker wants to do is strap on a huge bubble to their head as they take in the highways whizzing by. That’s exactly why this helmet was made. This is the absolute smallest D.O.T. ¾ shell helmet ever made.

The Daytona Cruiser is made with three different shell sizes so that you will get the exact fit you need, no matter your helmet size. Fit is the key here since the Daytona Cruiser aims to take away the cumbersome helmet feel and replace it with a more naturalistic feeling head protector that is not only DOT approved, by stylish as well.

The Daytona Cruiser is perfect for wearing as is with its stylish orange pin stripe racing down the middle of this fiberglass helmet, or for airbrushing and custom paint jobs. The finish is has a soft, dull touch so as not to attract too much sun or spark up too much glare when you’re rolling with your pack. Since every Daytona Cruiser is custom designed, no two are exactly alike. This means not only are you getting a vintage motorcycle helmet that no one else around you has, you’re getting one that no one else in the world has. Comes with a free head wrap, gloss black bubble visor and draw string cloth bag.

The SOXON SP-325 Imola – ITALY Jet Sport Urban Vintage Vespa

Soxon SP 325 Italian vintage helmetIf the Italian racing scene of James Bond and other classic films are more your style, there is no way that you can pass up on the SOXON Imola. Sporting the red, green and white colors of Italy down the racing stripe, this thermoplastic shell helmet is built for speed and built for style. When you think of the dashing speedster heroes of old movies racing around the mountains and tight curves of Italy, this is the exact helmet you see them wearing.

The vintage removable padding has a retro look reminiscent of a World War II bomber helmet or jacket. With its small scratch-resistant visor, you’ll have an unimpeded look at the world around you as it zooms by. Plus, the ITALY Jet Sport Urban Vintage Vespa is certified by ECE 22.57, meaning your head is safe and sound as you cruise around. The high-quality lining is three-dimensional so that you get the best each and every time, no matter how old the helmet gets. The UV resistant paint helps keep the sun from baking your noodle as you cruise the streets – or even the Alps of Italy.

Weighing in at about 2.3 pounds, this is a lightweight way to keep you head safe while looking great out there on the roads. From cruising the highways to taming the inner streets of the urban jungle, you can bring a touch of European elegance and class to your next outing with the SOXON SP-325 Imola – ITALY Jet Sport Urban Vintage Vespa.

The Nolan N20 City Helmet

Nolan N20 City HelmetFinally, we have the retro vision of what the space age looks like. We all know that movies loved to predict the future–they still do actually–but their vision of the future never really quite pans out. Still, the retro-futuristic look of the Nolan N20 City Helmet is something you won’t want to miss out on. The Polycarbonate shell has a retro Nolan logo on it, making this jet pilot style helmet pop out on the streets even more.

As you cruise around on your scooter, cruiser or vintage bike, you’ll have a clear view through the optically correct quick change visor shield. This visor flips up and down like a pilot helmet and has a whopping rating of UV400. The metalized side plates on the visor are modernized for better protection.

The inside liner is 100% anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and is interwoven with moisture wicking technology. Even though this is a vintage motorcycle helmet, it is well ahead of its time (matching its futuristic look). The liner is also removable and washable, making this a great helmet for those in hotter riding climates. The neck curtain also affords another layer of protection and is 100% removable as well.

If you need to get this helmet off in a snap, the Micro-lock chinstrap is specially built to be quick release. The Nolan N20 City Helmet is also DOT certified, meaning not only will you look good, you’ll be safe as you ride.

Where to Get the Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

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